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Industrial Automation

OMRON Industrial Automation (IAB) with its vision of “Innovating various industries through automation to better balance fulfillment for working people with industrial advancement”, supports the sustainable evolution of manufacturing sites through proprietary automation technology and extensive product offerings such as sensors, controllers, motors, robotics, vision, and safety solutions. Keeping challenges like climate change and resource depletion at the forefront of all efforts, IAB aims to promote an enriched society in which people can live a rewarding life

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Committed to advance health and empower people worldwide to live life to the fullest", OMRON Healthcare (OHQ) is a global leader in medical devices and services based on clinically proven evidence worldwide. Throughout its long history, OHQ has developed technology that helps people prevent, treat, and manage their medical conditions, both at home and in clinical practice.

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Social Solution Business

The business is challenging itself “to create a society to live safely, securely and comfortably.” It channels the technology prowess to support industries such as social infrastructure (automatic ticket gates, vending machines, traffic control systems), housing, manufacturing, etc. and also has a strong interest in encouraging the adoptation of renewable energies via enhancing the installed capacity of PV inverters and battery systems.

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Device & Module Solutions

Driven by our vision “With Our “Connecting” and “Switching” Technologies, Resolve Social Issues with Customers”, OMRON Device & Module Solutions Company (DMS) focuses on creating solutions based on device and modules. The product portfolio comprises a wide range of relays, switches, sensors, connectors, and modules that add value to industries like DC Drive devices, DC Infrastructure devices, High-Frequency Devices, and Remote/VR Devices, to name a few.

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FORPHEUS is the world's first table tennis tutor robot that assesses the interaction between the team members, and the optimal return pattern, including speed, tempo, and course of returns, thus improving performance as a team and continues to evolve to showcase how machines can extend human capabilities.


OMRON is working toward the realization of a flexible lab automation system with more versatility, and greater human compatibility than existing systems, with an aim to automate research processes to improve the productivity of drug discovery research, raise the quality of experimental data, and enable new experiments.


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